Tulum Mexico: Beautiful Yoga Retreat 2014

imageMay 31 – June 7, 2014

Join your favorite One Yoga Collective teachers for 7 nights on the white sands beaches of Tulum Mexico. Click Here for more details:


More Details about Maya Tulum …

The Maya Tulum Resort is 90 miles south of Cancun on the Caribbean coast of Mexico known as the Riviera Maya, a beautiful area bordered by a pristine blue ocean and the emerald green tropical forests and jungles. The Riviera Maya is a magical area; full of tranquil sea coves and bays, transparent lagoons and mysterious water springs, and landmarks and vestiges of a culture thousands of years old.

The world’s second longest reef stretches from Quintana Roo to Honduras with miles and miles of some of the best beaches in the Western Hemisphere. The influence of the Mayan culture brings an exotic feel, unlike any other area of Mexico. The resort is located just a few miles from the Tulum pyramid ruins that sit atop a dramatic overview of the crashing sea. Nearby is Tulum, a refreshing unspoiled native village that refreshingly contrasts with the tourist towns farther north. The resort itself is on a secluded road, removed from the other hotels in the region, with its own dramatic beach and private cover. Nearby are a variety of beaches to explore and water sports to enjoy. The resort itself is fully self-contained should you wish to retreat into a world of your own with plenty of opportunities as well to explore the unique offerings of the Riviera Maya and its ancient mysterious culture. We will be there during one of the most beautiful times of year at the end of May when the temperatures range from 78 to 85 degrees and the water is warm yet refreshing.

“One of the top Ten Resort Spas in the World!” – Travel and Leisure

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