SXSW Yoga Resource Guide for Austin Tx

Yoga Resource Guide for Austin Tx 2014 SXSW

Austin Yoga Institute
specializes in Iyengar yoga with daily classes for varying skill levels. If your skill level is high enough, the institute has teacher training to prepare you for certification.
AUSTIN YOGA INSTITUTE, 1122-C S. Lamar, 923-4643
Be Yoga
What kind of yoga are you looking for? Beginner? Advanced? Heated? Restorative? Hatha? Kundalini? Be Yoga has you covered with their donation based classes right in the heart of Downtown.
BE YOGA, 43 Rainey #104, 469-0224
Bea Love Yoga
Bea hosts regular classes all over town, as well as special events and private instruction. Call or go online to sign up.
Black Swan Yoga
This donation-based studio has sweaty yoga, power yoga, and everything in between.
BLACK SWAN YOGA, 1114 W. Fifth, 512/630-2332,
Bodhi Yoga
Classes range from vinyasa to yoga in a heated room all at this convenient campus-area location.
BODHI YOGA, 2905 San Gabriel, 478-2909
Breath & Body Yoga
offers a slew of classes, boot camps, and special events.
BREATH & BODY YOGA, 4800 Burnet Rd. #440, 374-1021
Castle Hill Yoga
Sign up for individual courses or a class series to take your yoga journey even further.
CASTLE HILL FITNESS, 1112-B N. Lamar, 478-4567
Clear Spring Studio
Down in the increasingly hip South First strip lies this house of yoga, tai chi, meditation, and massage.
CLEAR SPRING STUDIO, 605 Copeland, 231-9644
Dawn Light Yoga
Melissa Savoie offers regeneration yoga and Rise and Shine Flow in addition to private lessons by appointment. $12, drop-in; $60, six-class card.
DAWN LIGHT YOGA, 3400 Kerbey
Dharma Yoga
has classes seven days a week ranging from the basics to vinyasa yoga for the experienced posers.
DHARMA YOGA, 3110 Guadalupe, 420-0009
Eastside Yoga
Your Eastside yoga-studio options might seem limited, but the aptly named Eastside Yoga has everything your body and mind need, including hatha yoga, meditation, and health workshops.
EASTSIDE YOGA, 1050 E. 11th
Empower Yoga
This Downtown vinyasa yoga studio has something for the beginner and the veteran.
EMPOWER YOGA, 1611 W. Fifth #140, 512/472-8884
Full Moon Yoga
Charles MacInerney teaches classes all over town but also offers private instruction and hosts retreats. Once a month for 18 years, he has also hosted Full Moon Yoga – a free outdoor yoga class. Go online for location and time details.
Gayatri Healing Center
If you’ve got the money, they’ve got the healing love in the form of massage, hypnotherapy, numerology, life coaching, and more.
GAYATRI HEALING CENTER, 9603 Dessau, 699-1234
Kula Yoga Center
Calling itself “Austin’s Family Yoga Center” isn’t a misnomer, what with its infant/parent classes and other kid-friendly courses. Also check out the special classes for dancers, athletes, and even students (for PE credit, no less).
Mind Body Yoga
focuses on mental and physical health with everything from Zumba fitness for kids to anxiety reduction courses to the usual yoga fare.
MIND BODY YOGA, 12636 Research Ste. C-206, 249-9201
Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
leans toward the intense side of yogic arts. Focusing mostly on power yoga, Paragon is a good choice for athletes looking to stay fit and limber.
PARAGON BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU, 6800 Westgate Blvd. #116, 909-5200
Peace Studios
Take one of the many studio courses or get yourself to Shipe Park (off 45th Street between Avenues F & G) for by-donation yoga.
PEACE STUDIOS, 1607 Sage Hollow, 294-5524
Sacred Streams Yoga
recently moved to its new Crestview location, but it still offers the usual classes, specialized series, and personal meditation and yoga practice.
SACRED STREAMS YOGA, 2013-A W. Anderson,
Sanctuary Yoga
Get in on one of the intimate yoga classes under the oak trees at this nonprofit studio. Proceeds from each session go to the Amala Foundation’s youth programs.
SANCTUARY YOGA, 1006 S. Eighth
Sanieh Yoga
teaches classes all over town or even in your own home if you’re so inclined. Go online for a schedule, or email to schedule a private lesson.
Say Om Yoga
All the hippies and newcomers to Southwest Austin can get in on the many classes ranging from boot camps to prenatal yoga to standard hatha courses. Late night sessions are also available.
SAY OM YOGA, 5000 W. Slaughter #201, 537-9303
Seva Yoga
This donation-based community studio offers 60 classes a week. Go online for instructor bios and a schedule.
SEVA YOGA, 1122-C S. Lamar, 707-2565
Sol Studio
Get all your wellness needs, from acupuncture to yoga to counseling, taken care of under one roof.
3400 KERBEY LN., 731-7167
Soma Vida
This is your one-stop spot for yoga, Pilates, acupuncture, massage, birthing services, life coaching, and more. Expect to leave a more balanced person.
SOMA VIDA, 1210 Rosewood, 628-1580
Texas Healing Arts Institute
Get your body back in line with spa and massage treatments or yoga and bodywork classes. Training in the wellness arts is also available.
TEXAS HEALING ARTS INSTITUTE, 7001 Burnet Rd., 323-6042
Trio Life Fitness
Get your mind and body in shape with a combination of flow, vinyasa, sweaty, gentle, and restorative yoga.
TRIO LIFE FITNESS, 12101 Bee Caves Rd. Ste. 5-E, 263-9600
Wanderlust YOGA
Right in the heart of Downtown you can find yoga of all ilks: From the basics to YoStrong strength conditioning. From classes on the rooftop to candlelit poses. All accompanied by music to keep your movements smooth.
WANDERLUST YOGA, 206 E. Fourth, 502-5183
Yoga RX
Caroline McCarter offers specialized classes and personalized attention to ensure that your stretching and posing suits your needs.
YOGA RX, 2200 S. Lamar, 554-3988
Yoga Shala
Enjoy intimate yoga sessions in a hand-built palapa surrounded by a garden setting. Go online to check out the Viniyoga Master iPhone app.
YOGA SHALA, 443-5377
Yoga Sunya
Buy a monthly pass or just drop in on a class for beginners or experienced posers. Specialty classes for expecting and new mothers as well as yoga for preschoolers are also available.
YOGA SUNYA, 200 E. Live Oak St. Ste. 2A, 233-5489
Yoga Vida
offers heated power vinyasa flow yoga seven days a week for all ability levels. Free happy-hour classes are offered every Friday around 6:30pm.
707 W. SEVENTH, 3620 Bee Caves Rd.
Yoga Yoga
With five locations and 350 weekly classes, Yoga Yoga has something for all levels of ability. It also offers training for yoga instructors and special events all year round.

Please Note: for up to date info and current schedules, contact that studio directly.

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