5 Minutes of Meditation: The Why and the How

Great beginning meditation.

Mei Lai Swan

Confession of a ‘yogi’, please take a seat…


I am a huge lover and advocate of meditation. In fact, I would say that my yoga practice actually began as a meditation practice, long before I knew what trikonasana was, before I could even touch my toes, or focus my drishti on my navel. It is an altogether different type of ‘navel-gazing’ that actually lies at the heart of yoga…

As much as I love my ‘yoga’ practice (think stretching, breathing, contorting, maybe even sweating), the core of it for me is still meditation. My ritual now, before rolling out my mat, is to take out my meditation cushion – even if that means on a busy day that the mat never comes out. Bad yogi? Not if you consider that asana practice is a preparatory stage and a tool, albeit an incredibly useful and beneficial one, for the deeper…

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