6 Unique Yoga Retreats and Wellness Centers in the U.S.

Esalen Big Sur CA

Esalen Big Sur CA

With wellness travel gaining popularity, destination yoga retreats have popped up around the world. India, Thailand, Mexico and the Caribbean have become hot spots for wellness travel, but some of the best yoga retreats and wellness centers on the globe are here in the U.S.

“Wellness” centers like the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies or the Esalen Institute in California are adult sleep-away camps where relaxation is offered as daily ritual, something to discuss and study, These two locations are set more in a place of beauty and organized like a campus community, where you rise early for morning yoga or meditation, eat food that sustains and nourishes, then study your chosen subject with a soulful teacher who has found some answers.

Breitenbush,  is a center that offers a few retreats  annually through the year, it’s known for the rejuvenating hot springs and beauty of its Oregon state location.

Stowe Mountain Ranch, is a retreat location, that focuses on specialty offerings, from the teachers who rent out the center, unique offerings like skiing, snow shoeing, horse back riding and yoga can be found here.

Kalani Retreat in Hawaii, is a colorful mix of performing arts, nature, adventure, coupled  with diverse programming, such as yoga, massage, and art classes.

The following fabulous establishments aren’t to be confused with spas–though bodywork generally is available. These are spiritual campuses or wellness centers where enlightenment is imparted to visiting sojourners one stressed out person at a time.

If you’re looking for a getaway where you can really get away from it all — and, of course, return to your center — consider one of these retreat centers around the country, from the Big Island to the California Coast.

http://www.Esalen.org (Big Sur Ca)

http://www.kalani.com (Hawaii)

http://www.stoweretreats.com (Vermont)

http://www.kripalu.org (Stockbridge MA)

http://www.eomega.org (New York)

http://www.Breitenbush.com (Oregon)


8 responses to “6 Unique Yoga Retreats and Wellness Centers in the U.S.

  1. In Western NC, we are building an urban retreat where we aspire to live up to the standards that these retreats set. Thanks for posting this – such a great amount of magic and wellness on one page.

    • There are a few yoga retreat centers, that I know of in and around Austin Tx.
      This one, is great for a get away,and occasionally they have workshop offerings.


      Do you know of any yoga retreat centers, up around your area of town? We are always looking to get recommendation, and ideas from the community. 😊

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