Don’t Kick A Gift Horse in the Mouth

Letting go, and trusting.

Nadine Hogan


Sometimes you have to let everything go. The plans. The ideas. The questions. The worries.

Out. Go. Be gone. Get.

Then you throw your head up at the sky/universe/God/Mother Nature/He-Man/Whoeveritisyoubelievehasyourback and say, “Alright, I trust you. I trust this process. I trust. I trust. I trust.”

You repeat this until you believe it. And then somehow it seeps into your bones and you do believe. Because it’s true. The universe has your back.

This week I looked up and said, “OK, you got me right in the middle of my leap year. Here I am and I’m not going anywhere. All I can do is drop the questions and trust you have my back. Trust you’re guiding me in the right direction.” (Yes I talk to the universe and yes that makes me slightly kooky).

Two days later I get two little peaks inside how the universe works to keep us…

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