Yoga and Asana practice, Going Deeper



Asana Practice: A Narrowing of Yoga.

Here in the US, Yoga has become, in a lot of ways, synonymous with asana practice, i.e. the sequence of postures that one performs during a session of yoga. In a lot of ways, thus, yoga has been stripped of a lot of its tradition and deeper practices, which I contend lead to the greater benefits of cultivating a yoga practice. Of course, before continuing I must say that approaching yoga as a purely physical practice is not necessarily a bad thing: it gets people moving, it builds strength, it brings people together and can act as a springboard into the deeper inner workings of the yoga tradition. This is ultimately how I came to start my yoga journey, so I’m definitely not knocking it, but I think it’s important to make a distinction between Asana practice and the larger tradition that is Yoga.

Yoga has a very long history, often tied up in the religious traditions of India. And what has ultimately developed as Yoga involves much more than just physical movements.



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2 responses to “Yoga and Asana practice, Going Deeper

  1. YogaMagazine blog has become a favorite read for me, and I’m reposting their photo and summary here of a piece called “Asana Practice: A Narrowing of Yoga”. YogaMagaine has been sort of paralleling my own interests in Yoga as it moves from a practice for the “fitness set” back to its ancient roots as a builder of mental, physical, even spiritual well-being and … the million dollar word: equanimity, and I encourage you to peruse their topics.

    In this link to the piece about asana (or “poses”) writer NBeck notes, “Yoga is all about coming back to one’s present moment, hanging out there. Feeling the breath. Noticing the limits of the body in Asana practice and cultivating equanimity at that limit. It is about going inside and noticing. One cultivates greater awareness, a greater understanding of how the body and mind works, and a spiritual connection to both the inner and outer world. “

    • Hi Lightsourcecreative, we appreciate the in depth comment you made, on the article about asana and the narrowing of practice.

      It’s so helpful, to go back to the real roots of things at times, and find balance and harmony on the various layers of yoga.

      Thanks again, and we look forward to enjoying more posts on your blog as well.

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