Yoga on a Shoestring holiday in Spain

Yoga In Spain

Yoga In Spain

A week of yoga at the wonderful Suryalila retreat centre in the magical Andalucian hills of Spain.

Each day will begin with early morning meditation and pranayama. This will be followed by a two hour asana class. Gently opening the body and attuning the mind to the breath, the class will slowly move and build into a flowing and dynamic sequence. The classes will be suitable for all levels and yoga experience.

Between yoga classes there will be the chance to explore the beautiful natural surroundings or simply relax by the swimming pool with views of the surrounding hills or in a hammock in the shade of the olive grove. The group will meet again in the late afternoon for a second yoga session which will be a more gentle class for one and a half hours. There will be one yoga free day during the week.

Dates: May 10–17 2014

For more info and registration:

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