Heart of the Sun Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Jennifer Yarro

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

We are excited to share, a short yoga video, Heart of the sun vinyasa yoga flow, made by Jennifer Yarro.

This fabulous Yogini, teaches yoga, teacher trainings, thai massage, and is owner of The Frog Lotus Yoga Studio in MA. Jennifer, can also be found leading yoga teacher trainings around the world,in places such as Bali, Costa Rica, India, and Spain.

One of our editors here at Yoga Magazine, was fortunate enough to be able to take her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, in Costa Rica.

Quote from student:

” Im so glad I decided to take frog lotus yoga teacher training, in Costa Rica with Jennifer Yarro. The experience was a fantastic growing opportunity, not only personally, but physically as well. With yoga practice happening everyday, my body strengthened and I was able to achieve poses, that I had not been able to achieve in the past, either because of a mental limitation, or lack of physical strength.

The theory and lectures part of the training were just as great, even eye-opening. The teacher stayed on topic with her discussions. Was clear and concise. She even Added in some bits of story telling and light-hearted jokes here and there adding  a dimension of fun to the lectures.
Although lectures were mentally demanding, what I learned was worth the effort.

If you are considering a teacher training, I highly recommend Jennifer Yarro at Frog Lotus international.”

Click here for more info:

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