FREE Meditation, Yoga virtual conference! Part 2

Yoga Meditation

Yoga Meditation

April 22nd , 2014
Available for 24hrs ONLY.
Free Virtual Video Conference, Part 2.

Finally, learn how to meditate to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, sleep better, be happier and have more energy. Train your brain. Open your heart, and Learn how yoga, and meditation are part of the same journey.

Join Ashley Turner as she demystifies meditation. Learn from over 30 of the world’s leading experts in meditation, mindfulness, psychology and neuroscience. They’ll teach you how to meditate, the science behind it and how it can transform you mentally, physically and spiritually in this revolutionary FREE video virtual conference!

BONUS: You can try 30 guided meditation practices at home!

April 22, Day 2 of the event schedule is listed below! Please mark your calendars for the interviews you don’t want to miss – each interview will be available to watch for free for ONLY 24 hours.

Tuesday, Apr 22

Fall in Love with Yourself + Life through Meditation
with Sally Kempton
12:00pm PT

Minding Your Body. Mending Your Mind.
with Joan Borysenko, PhD
1:00pm PT

Tuning Into Your Truth through Meditation
with Seane Corn
2:00pm PT

Meditation and Miracles
with Gabrielle Bernstein
3:00pm PT

Meditation & Epigenetics
with Bruce Lipton
4:00pm PT

Forgiveness Mediation
with Tara Brach
5:00pm PT

Transcendental Meditation
with Bob Roth
6:00pm PT


Click here for video access.

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