FREE Meditation, Yoga Philosophy virtual conference! Part 3

Yoga Meditation

Yoga Meditation

Available for 24hrs ONLY.(April 23, 2014)
Part 3, Free Virtual Video Meditation, Conference.

Part of Yoga Philosophy, lets Demystify  meditation. Learn from over 30 of the world’s leading experts in meditation, mindfulness, psychology and neuroscience. They’ll teach you how to meditate, the science behind it and how it can transform you mentally, physically and spiritually in this revolutionary FREE video virtual conference!

April 23rd, Day 3 of the event schedule is listed below! Please mark your calendars for the interviews you don’t want to miss – each interview will be available to watch for free for ONLY 24 hours.

Day 3 – Wednesday, Apr 23rd

Loving Kindness Meditation
with Trudy Goodman
12:00pm PT

Fearlessness + Freedom from Meditation
with Terri Cole
1:00pm PT

Working with Discomfort
with Ron Siegel
2:00pm PT

The Power of Intentions
with Mallika Chopra
3:00pm PT

Art of Attention
with Elena Brower
4:00pm PT

Wise Mind. Open Mind.
with Ron Alexander
5:00pm PT

The Buddha’s Brain
with Rick Hanson
6:00pm PT

Click here for video access.

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