Review, 3 Unique Yoga Clothing Boutiques


Yes, we do enjoy yoga wear from the Big Box stores such as, lululemon, athleta, and prana. But this time, we wanted to bring you something new and different, maybe even with an artisan feel or flare to your yoga -wear, yoga unique from the boutiques.

3 Unique Boutiques

Yoga Boutique Review

Yoga Boutique Review

GrizzyLove Conscious Wears: Conscious & Organic Wears,Accessories and Jewelry.

About: I design & silk-screen every item myself and take pride in preserving the artisanal quality of my products… this means that every item is produced by my hands only. I promote sustainability and eco-consciousness in my production; from the water-based inks used in my silk-screening process to the reusing & recycling of production materials whenever possible.


Yoga Art Clothing

Yoga Art Clothing

Carousel Ink:

About: Carousel Ink: Handmade Limited Edition Unique Wearable Art to Express your Inner Fairy Tale! ~… on Screen-print T-shirts, leggings, dresses, pencil skirts and more, designed with a modern twist! We bring fantasy to everyday looks! From Carousels to Castles and Mermaids to Marionettes , there’s something for everyone! All original designs & illustrations Inspired to dress your everyday Fairy Tale! Together, Carousel Ink creates clothing to add a dash of Fantasy to your Life.


Yoga Boutique

Yoga Boutique

Elven Forest,

About: Featuring tribal clothing inspired by elf and fairy fashion as well as by fashion in underground communities of artists and travelers. The world is yours to create – we believe in creativity and self-expression in all forms ❤

For custom made items, please allow 4-6 weeks to complete.
















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