The Yoga of Being – A weekend Women’s Retreat (October 3, 2014 – October 5, 2014)

imageWe live in uniquely challenging times. In a culture that prizes productivity over peace, we work longer hours and scramble to get things done at the cost of our well-being. Constant activity, constant noise, and constant internal chatter extinguish our mindfulness, self-love, and the discovery of our true nature. Creativity, authenticity, freedom and love are always knocking from the inside, longing for expression and they easily surface when we allow ourselves a space that is beyond doing, beyond our checklists and outside of our daily obligations.

This retreat is the doorway to that space. Please join us of a weekend of gentle flow yoga, yin yoga, mindfulness meditation, yoga nidra and sacred ceremony. Experience yoga as a healing practice as we find the stillness in the movement and the movement in the stillness. Let this retreat incubate your soul, support you on the path to awakening and help you return to your life with the deep peace and levity that comes from opening into a state of being.

The Yoga of Being – A weekend Women’s Retreat with
Angie Knight and Jenn Wooten.
October 3, 2014 – October 5, 2014

COST: $449 ($489 after August 15)
at Margaret Austin Center, Tx

For more info, and registration:

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