Whole Foods Super Easy, Super Greens

imageTommy’s Superfoods iteams can be found at,
Austin Whole Foods Market, H-E-B, Wheatsville Co-op, Natural Grocers, and more.

As a kid in Austin, Tommy Williams learned to navigate the aisles at the flagship Whole Foods Market and love food. While studying at Concordia University, he roomed with Justin Yeager; following graduation, the two friends partnered to create Tommy’s Superfoods. After finding success in salsas and spice mixes, they recently introduced a new line of steamable, non-GMO verified frozen vegetables. Flavors include Fiesta Quinoa, Super Greens (a spinach/kale mix), and Roasted Cajun Potatoes. All can be used as a side dish or a quick, vegan-friendly meal—and no one has to know it wasn’t made from scratch. Because the packaging is BPA- and PFOA-free, the Seasoned Vegetables line is safe to microwave directly in the bag.

To learn more visit:
Visit http://www.austinfitmagazine.com

By AFM Staff

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