What is a teaching vacation?

imageFit Bodies, Inc. teaching vacation program was established in 1992 by Suzelle Snowden. Serving fitness, wellness, yoga and sports professionals to offer teaching services at luxury resorts worldwide. Resort guests can count on professional, experienced instructors to offer quality programming at many wonderful, luxurious resorts.

We call it a teaching vacation because you are teaching what you love while you are on vacation. Working vacation doesn’t fit because we all LOVE what we do and enjoy spreading the knowledge and energy to others. You are treated just like any of the other full paying guests at the resorts with all-inclusive accommodations for you and your companions and all the amenities at these 5 star luxury resorts. The big difference is that you are the Rock Star for the week.

You are the leader of the fitness or yoga classes or the coach on the tennis court. You do this for no more than 3 hours a day and the rest of the time is yours to spend however you like. You arrive and depart on Sundays and teach the other days of the week. The schedule we post on our details page is tentative and always subject to change but it does give you an idea of what each resort expects. The times and duration as well as the general content is determined by each hotel based on the demographic of the guests, location and the environment.

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